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Products and service  --- Lab-car system

  Lab-car system can be interpreted as HIL system with several ECUs. When the automation test for single ECU is finished, the ECU should be test in the electrical system in the vehicle, where the Lab-car is needed.
  Lab-car system simulates all the sensors and actuators, based on the integrated engine model, gear
box model and vehicle dynamics model, monitoring the electrical system in different working environment.
 The failure injection can also be realized in this system to check whether the Electrical system can
keep working in error environments, including the short-circuit to power and ground, open-circuit, different sensor inputs and different actuators.


The test report can be generated automatically after each test, which is an important reference for ECU modification.

                                    Real vehicle structure

Motor, gearbox and other mechanical parts are included,sensors, actuators and etc.

                                      Lab-car electrical system

 There is only electrical system in the Lab-car, a lot of sensors and actuators are replaced by the simulator.

Comparing with the real vehicle, you can change the sensor signal and actuator characteristic in the Lab-car system, so that help you to test the entire electrical system in variant situations

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