MagicCAR compact is a compact desktop testing environment for in-vehicle network testing and functional testing in one device. The system has a programmable power supply with switchable terminal signals and integrated current measurement. MagicCAR Compact Net is your solution for automotive networking tests and many other applications.

Application areas

network conformance testing

infotainment tests

quality, function and endurance tests

simulation and Validation

network management and fault management

The Sample Point System is a system to determine the sampling time for CAN/CAN-FD. The box is an optional add-on for the standard network test system by GOEPEL electronic. The Sample Point System allows determination of the sampling time with modified CAN/CAN-FD frames even in case of collisions (simultaneous bus access) and thus under real conditions. The collisions are reliably detected and specially handled. The measurement is repeated with the current parameters.


Patented collision tolerant method

Measurement of the sample point for CAN/CAN-FD (arbitration and data phase)

+/- 1 % accuracy of measurement

A network testing system allows statements on the physical properties of bus interfaces, the checking of communication properties as well as the simulation of transfer fields on the individual control device, even in a group.


With the combination of measurement technology and diagnosis functions within the network system, this allows special network tests to be realised, the carrying out of which was previously often costly and not automated.


The network test determines whether a control unit can send and receive data to the right specification under all possible operating conditions in the motor vehicle. Whether a control unit affects communication within the vehicle environment or in the case of disrupted communication carries out unchecked reactions can be checked with the network testing system.


Cross section requirement specification HS_CAN_LAH_V57F

VW 80110, VW 80111, VW 80118, VW 80000

VW End-to-End Communication Security

DT Network Management Specification

JLR Design Verification Method for CAN Network Management

FIAT Off-vehicle physical level test 7-Z0145

BMW, FORD Conformance




Conformance Test Specification Package for LIN 2.1

VW LIN group specification (KLH) 2.1.2

VW LIN test specification 1.6

DT LIN component tests




VW group specification (KLH) 1.6

VW network test specification FlexRay 1.7




Automotive Ethernet (BroadR-Reach)

Residual bus simulation (with/without switch)

Connection tapping

Gateway functionality test

Functions for DoIP and SOME/IP



VW 80124

VW KWP2000 on TP20 1.2

Test specification ISO-TP 1.2 according to ISO 15765-2 / -4



Test Scenarios

bus physics



data definition

fault management

network management