Proportional valve

Proportional Valves industry leading brand IQ Valves' patented proportional valve products are unmatched in the valve industry. Our proportional valve product line leads the competition in many aspects

When selecting a high-performance proportional flow control valve, the key technical indicators are linearity, frequency response and hysteresis. Other important functions are repeatability, power consumption, leakage, lifetime and cost

The IQ Valves R&D team uses patented technology to meet demanding performance requirements while maintaining the reliability of proportional valves. IQ Valves products have achieved unprecedented linearity, high frequency 250 Hz response requirements, and low hysteresis characteristics, with unparalleled proportional electromagnetic structure

True proportional valve technology

In the past, proportional valves were implemented with proportional solenoids or dithered on-off valves. There are two types of proportional solenoid valves. One uses pulse width modulation (PWM) electrical input signals to eliminate the effects of adhesion. But the disadvantage is that it reduces the frequency response of the valve. The second structure uses the suspension movement part to eliminate the static friction between metal and metal contact. Although this is already the first choice, it involves a complicated design and expensive manufacturing. Dithering conditions have extremely high requirements for electronic circuit design, and it is difficult to guarantee the linearity performance of closed-loop control. So the more advanced IQ Valves proportional valve is your wise choice


Proportional valve product line

Standard Proportional Valve 

Mini Proportional Valve

Mid Proportional Valve

Coral Proportional Valve

Nano Proportional Valve

Special Proportional Valve