S61 controllers from GOEPEL electronic GmbH are programmable intelligent multibus controllers providing various communication interfaces for vehicle network testing and general control applications,covering the CAN,CANFD,LIN,Kline,FlexRay,MOST,and AutomotiveEthernet vehicle communication bus。

The modules are controlled by the G-API with support for Windows and Linux systems. S61 allow the execution of user code directly on the hardware. As a result, complex and CPU-intensive processes can be outsourced to the controller. The host PC is relieved and valuable bandwidth for other applications can be gained.

The Series 61 controller can generally provide the following features:

★ Basic versions of the communication interfaces:

    Basic(USB&LAN)/PXI/PCI 6153 – 2*CAN

    Basic(USB&LAN)/PXI/PCI 6153FD – 2*CANFD

    Basic(USB&LAN)/PXI/PCI 6173 – 2*LIN/Kline

    Basic(USB&LAN)/PXI/PCI 6181 – 1*CAN+1*LIN/Kline

    Basic(USB&LAN)/PXI/PCI PXI 6191 – 2*FlexRay(each Node has A&B 2 channels)

    PXI 6141 – 2*Ethernet(10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet,100Base-T1 or 1000Base-T1 AutomotiveEthernet)

★ optionally 2 further CAN、LIN、Kline interfaces onboard(apply to 6153,6173,6181)

★ optionally 2 further FlexRay nodes/CAN interfaces(apply to 6153,6173,6181)

★ optionally 4 further CAN、LIN、Kline interfaces(only 6191)

★ optionally 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs with TTL level onboard(apply to 6153,6173,6181,6191)

★ optionally 4 additional digital inputs/ outputs with extended voltage level(apply to 6153,6173,6181,6191)

★ optionally 4 or 6 additional analog inputs/ outputs(apply to 6153,6173,6181,6191)

★ optionally 2 further Ethernet interfaces(only 6141)

★ Support of transport and diagnostic protocols, network management, XCP, SecOC etc. directly on the hardware

★ Onboard RT clock,timestamp of ns level

★ 600MHz Power PC

★ 512MB RAM

★ 256M Flash

★ Galvanic isolation between communication interfaces/ IO channels and user interface

★ High flexibility through pluggable transceiver modules and Extension Boards

★ Control of the devices via PXI/ PCI or Ethernet

★ The 1 Gbit Ethernet interface at the Front panel is also useable as volume data and debug interface

★ Visualization of the operating states by four LEDs arranged at the front panel

Content based on GOEPEL electronic GmbH’s Web and product materials.